A baby attacked by rats bled to death in her Louisiana crib while an Ohio infant lost two toes to the vicious rodents in a pair of bizarre attacks.

Three people were charged with child endangerment after authorities determined that the six-week-old Ohio baby had been bitten repeatedly by rodents "over a lengthy period of time," the Pike County sheriff department said.

But charges have not yet been filed in the case of the Louisiana child who bled to death last week from hundreds of rat bites, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported.

The girl's father was found screaming outside his home when paramedics arrived and her parents told police they did not hear the three-month-old cry out when she was attacked during her nap time.

Neighbours told the Picayune that the children always appeared well-cared for and that the father had recently set out traps for the rats that plagued the area. A funeral was held on Friday.


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